Field report: Sailing team event to form a new department


Date: 15 September 2022

Location: Baltic Sea, Germany

As part of the formation of a new department within our company, it was decided to organise a sailing team event to bring the employees together and form a strong team. This event took place on the Baltic Sea on 15 September 2022. In this experience report, I would like to share my impressions and experiences.

Preparations for the sailing team event began several weeks in advance. Sailing boats were hired, experienced sailing instructors were engaged and the necessary equipment was organised. In addition, various team-building activities and exercises were prepared to promote cooperation and communication within the team.

On the morning of 15 September, all employees met at the sailing base on the Baltic Sea. After a brief welcome and introduction by the sailing instructors, the teams were divided up and assigned to the boats. Each team consisted of employees from different departments in order to promote dialogue and cooperation between the different areas.

While sailing, it quickly became clear that the tasks on board could only be accomplished together. Each employee had a specific role and responsibility that had to be fulfilled in order to move the boat forward. This interaction was a perfect metaphor for teamwork in a professional context. It became clear that the goal could only be achieved through good communication, coordination and cooperation.

In between, various team-building activities were organised to further strengthen trust and cooperation within the team. One of these activities was, for example, solving puzzles and tasks that could only be solved together. These exercises encouraged the exchange of ideas, learning from each other and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each individual.

The sailing team event was a complete success and contributed significantly to the creation of a strong and effective department. Through the shared experience of sailing, the employees were able to improve their cooperation and communication, build trust and strengthen their teamwork skills. The experiences and insights gained during the event will certainly have a positive impact on future co-operation within the department. I am convinced that this team event was an important step in turning a group of employees into a real team.