Team building while sailing

Similar to a sailing boat, a team also requires well-coordinated cooperation in order to move forward and be successful. When sailing, crew members must work together to set sail, stay on course and adapt to changing conditions. It requires clear communication, trust and an understanding of each team member's individual strengths to operate effectively as a unit.

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Simply go sailing - an adventure on the water!

Sailing as a time-out

Sometimes you just need a break from everyday life to clear your head and recharge your batteries. And what could be better than simply going sailing? When sailing, you can feel the wind in your hair, hear the sound of the water and enjoy the freedom of the open sea. It's a feeling of lightness and light-heartedness that immediately casts a spell over you.

From beginners to professionals

Whether you already have sailing experience or not, sailing offers something for everyone. Beginners can take part in a sailing course and learn the basics of sailing. Experienced sailors can develop their skills and seek new challenges on the water. Sailing is not just about steering the boat, but also about interacting with nature. You learn to read the wind and set the sails correctly in order to optimise the boat's progress. It's a dance with the elements that gives you a sense of connection with nature.

With friends, colleagues and family

Sailing is also a social experience. You can go on board with friends or family and share the joys of sailing together. It's a way to get away from the stresses of everyday life and simply enjoy the moment. Sailing also offers the perfect opportunity for a team-building event. By experiencing the water together, employees can develop and grow together as a team. So why not organise a sailing team event? Leave everyday life behind you and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of sailing. Discover freedom on the water and experience unforgettable adventures. Whether for a day, a weekend or a whole week - sailing will inspire you and open up new perspectives.

So set sail and let the wind carry you!

Company outing - get to know work colleagues while sailing

Ideal addition to the digital working world

The world of work is constantly changing and offers numerous advantages, such as the opportunity to work from home or as a digital nomad from anywhere in the world.
Unfortunately, there is often no opportunity to meet in person. But hey, Säil can change that! How about strengthening team spirit and improving team skills? Let's go sailing together for a day! We'll be out on the water together, have nice conversations and not only relax during a swim stop, but also expand and strengthen our network.
Use this unique opportunity to motivate employees and experience an unforgettable day full of adventure and new contacts

Joint challenge

A sailing team event is a great way to get to know your work colleagues better. It's an activity that requires teamwork and co-operation to steer the boat safely and effectively. By experiencing the water together, employees can network, improve and develop their communication. Sailing with your work colleagues gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills and strengths while seeing the skills and strengths of your colleagues.

Everyone in their own role

When sailing, there are many tasks that need to be done, such as setting and hoisting the sails, steering the boat and navigating. Everyone on board has an important role to play and it is important that everyone works together to steer the boat safely and effectively. By working together, you can get to know your colleagues better and understand how they work in a group.

Get to know each other better

Sailing also offers a great opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself outside the workplace. It's a fun activity and provides a nice environment to relax and enjoy yourself. Sailing with your work colleagues allows you to get to know each other in a relaxed environment without the pressure and tension of the workplace. 

Improving communication

Sailing with your work colleagues also gives you the opportunity to improve your communication skills. When sailing, it is important that everyone on board communicates with each other to ensure that the boat is steered safely and effectively. Through this communication you can learn how to communicate effectively with your colleagues and how they can express their ideas and thoughts clearly and concisely.

Working in a team

Overall, sailing is a great way to get to know work colleagues better. It provides an opportunity to encourage teamwork and co-operation, to relax and enjoy each other and to improve communication skills. If you have the opportunity to go sailing with your work colleagues, you should take this opportunity to get to know each other better and build a better working relationship.

Overcome everyday life

A great way to get away from the daily work routine with colleagues and at the same time promote team spirit is a team event on the high seas - sailing. A sailing team event not only offers the opportunity to clear your head and get away from the daily challenges, but it also creates a unique environment where teamwork and coordination are required. When sailing, each person in the team has to take on a role, be it setting the sails, steering the boat or navigating. The tasks require clear communication, mutual trust and a willingness to rely on each other. Only when everyone fulfils their role and the team works together harmoniously can the boat glide smoothly through the water.

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