Trip report Sardinia & Corsica


Friday, 29.09.23 - Off to Olbia for the last cruise of the season

On Friday morning we took the plane from Stuttgart directly to Olbia at 06:50.

After an eventful day of travelling and looking for a motel, I met up with the crew, some of whom had already arrived, for dinner in a cosy restaurant. We decided on a small Italian restaurant called "Pizza & Pasta", which is known for its good pasta dishes.

The dishes arrived quickly and looked delicious. Every bite was a delight and the pasta was cooked al dente.
The only downside was that it was unfortunately not possible to order drinks later. Drinks can only be ordered in conjunction with food.

Saturday, 30.09.23 - Cala dei Sardi ... we are on our way....

On Saturday morning, we travelled from Olbia to Porto dei Sardi on bus number 604. The bus journey cost €1.90 and took about 40 minutes. Although we were already in the low season, the bus was really full. We had to stand for the duration of the journey 🙂
Once we arrived in Portisco, it was an adventurous 20-minute walk from the bus stop along the road back to the Cala dei Sardi marina. The marina has been there for a good 10 years, so I don't understand why there isn't a bus stop or a footpath to the marina.

To my surprise, I was able to pick up the boat, a Benetau Oceanis 51.1 BJ2018, at 13:00. That's unusual, as I usually have to wait until 4pm/5pm.

After the check-in was completed and all the shopping was stowed away, we walked to the
Dinner at Matt's pizzeria and steakhouse in Marina Portisco. The footpath is even more challenging in the dark, so be sure to take a head torch etc. with you or take the dinghy over from the marina.

Sunday, 01.10.23 - from Cala dei Sardi to Cala Portese

On Sunday, we had a leisurely breakfast and then went through the general briefing and safety instructions on board.

As we had a narrow harbour ahead of us on the trip, Boniffacio, we also took our time to practise throwing the lines.

We decided to sail from Cala dei Sardi to Cala Portese. After dropping anchor in Cala Portese, we took the opportunity to go for a refreshing swim in the clear waters of the bay.

Monday, 02.10.23 - from Cala Portese via Cala Caribald to Porto Puddo

We set off very early on Monday morning to enjoy the sunrise over the sea. We chose Cala Caribaldi as our destination for breakfast.

We made the right decision with this stopover. Crystal-clear water, secluded beaches and the opportunity to go for a walk. After the trip, everyone was of the opinion that this was the best bay of the whole trip.

In the afternoon, we continued on to Porto Puddo. We were also forced to leave as we were attacked by an army of wasps after a late lunch 🙂

In Porto Puddo, we opted for a buoy, which you can reserve at or by phone on 334 38 66 793. You can theoretically anchor there, but it is 15 metres deep and the bottom is full of mud and seaweed.

The buoy was looked after by Peter, who is a really cool guy. The buoy cost us €50 per night.

Tuesday, 03.10.23 - from Porto Puddo to Bonifacio

After a relaxed breakfast, we set off from Porto Puddo in the direction of Bonifacio harbour. We saw dolphins again on the way and used the short crossing for some swimming fun. #Pfenderpulling

We had already found the berth for Bonifacio the evening before on the Internet at reserved. 

You can reach the marina via channel 9. The harbour is very narrow, especially for our Oceanis 51 with its tight 16m. We co-ordinated with the marineros, who then push you into the gaps. It's just important that you liaise with them beforehand, otherwise it will be very tense if they suddenly push and accelerate you.

You can use the showers in the harbour in exchange for tokens, which you can get at the Capitainerie. Unfortunately, the showers were not such a thrilling experience.... The showers only ran for 5 minutes with cold water, which didn't run off at all.

Outside the harbour, there was a great city centre to see. The walk is definitely worth it.

For dinner this time, we opted for the restaurant "LeTime" on the hill of Bonifacio.
The food was very good. But beware, the waiters put bread baskets on the table and refill them when they are empty. We were charged €7 per basket 😉

After dinner, we strolled around the city for a while and then ended the night in Bar 54.

Wednesday, 04.10.23 - from Bonifacio to Golfo de Santa Gulia

On Wednesday we sailed from Bonifacio to the Golfo de Santa Gulia. There was a super sailing wind of 15 knots, even 20 knots in gusts.

We were amazed by the beauty of nature and enjoyed the freedom of sailing to the full. It was an unforgettable experience to feel the power of the wind and steer the boat through the choppy waters.

The bay was beautiful, but there were lots of large stones that protruded up to 2 metres below the water surface, which were not marked. I would therefore recommend only visiting the bay in daylight.

After dropping anchor in Golfo de Santa Gulia, we again took the opportunity to go for a refreshing swim.

Thursday, 05.10.23 - from Golfo de Santa Gulia via Calla de Coccodrillo to LaMadallena

On Thursday, we headed from the Golfo de Santa Guilia via the Calla de Coccodrillo to La Maddalena harbour.
The wind was blowing from the west at 9 knots, gusting up to 13 knots. The sailing conditions were therefore ideal for a calm and pleasant journey. We set sail and let the wind carry us along.

We sailed along the coast of Corsica and enjoyed the view of the picturesque bays and cliffs. 

Despite the fact that the Pink Beach was not allowed to be entered due to its protected status, it was a relaxed stopover.

The price for a berth in La Maddalena harbour (Calla Gavetta) is €44.50. Although there were additional charges for using the showers and toilets, the cost of the berth was absolutely reasonable for our 16m Oceanis.

Friday, 06.10.23 - from La Madallena via Punta Fico East back to Cala dei Sardi

After leaving La Maddalena, we sailed into the bay of Punta Fico East for a refreshing swim. Beforehand, we had refuelled in Porto Turistico di Palau for €45 and were therefore able to relax on our last day of sailing. It was a great opportunity to enjoy sailing to the full. From the swimming stop, we continued our journey on a pleasant downwind course towards Cala dei Sardi. The gentle breeze and the rhythmic rocking of the boat created a relaxed and idyllic atmosphere as we approached the final destination of our journey.

After we had moored on time in the Cala dei Sardi marina, the crew surprised me with a great present.

I was really pleased about that. #Crewlove

After checking out, we walked back to Matts in Portisco for dinner. This time, unfortunately, the stay in the restaurant wasn't so convincing. Almost all the waiters were involved in an event and we had to wait what felt like an eternity for our drinks and food. After a good 3 hours in the restaurant, we walked back to the marina, where we had to pack our travelling bags.

Saturday, 07.10.23 - Check out and journey home

On Saturday morning, I took a taxi from the marina directly to Olbia airport.

It's best to order a taxi the evening before at the marina, it costs €50.

I arrived safely back in Stuttgart in the afternoon, 1 hour late.

I hope this trip report gives you a brief overview of sailing in Sardinia & Corsica.

Feel free to write to me if you have any further questions or would like to take part in a cruise in Sardinia & Corsica.